Hit and Run Car Insurance Claim

According to information released by CBC, hit and run car insurance claims in Canada are hitting unprecedented numbers – those numbers are even more discouraging in the more densely populated cities in Ontario. Hit and run rates in Saskatchewan have nearly doubled since 2000.

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident, here is some vital information you need in order to ensure a successful claim:

• Enlist the professional services of a legal counsel immediately after seeking medical attention for your injuries.
• Collect as much information pertaining to the accident as possible, including contact information for any witnesses.

Taking pictures or notes that detail other useful information is also essential. Items of interest such as the make and model of the vehicle, the scope of damage to the vehicle and distinguishing characteristics or tire tracks leading away from the scene.

Having this information documented in a police report will benefit your case greatly when it comes to negotiating a settlement with an insurance company. The more documentation you gather, the faster your hit and run car insurance claims can be processed.
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Filing a hit-and-run car insurance claim can be a nightmare without the proper legal counsel, but with professional services, compensation can still be easily awarded even if you do not know who the person who hit you was.

Timing is Key

While most insurance claims need to be made within a week in order to be reviewed by the court, a hit-and-run car insurance claim operates a little differently. Since there is a high degree of likelihood that you are not familiar with the individual who caused the damage, a report concerning the accident must be filed with the police within 24 hours to ensure that it qualifies under "no-fault” coverage. Even if you did not see the accident occur, it is imperative that you create a list of names and numbers of those witnesses present, even if they have not seen anything that would specifically identify the guilty party. Not witnessing the damage occur will actually greatly help in establishing your claim. In the case that you were in the vehicle when the accident happened and are injured as a result, the witness list and subsequent police report will strengthen your compensation claim when asking for financial awards from the insurance companies.